And So the Summer Goes

It has been just a little over two months since the last blog.  A lot of this is to do with not working in the studio, it seems that if my hands aren’t creating my mind seems to stagnate as well.  The problem with the studio is the tired old issue of not enough cash to keep the bills paid and buy food while at the same time as trying to keep up to the costs of creating art. Once created it sometimes takes years to sell and often takes time to get paid for after it sells.  In order to get enough new work together for my spring show I basically used up all the consumables (cut off discs, welding rods, welding gases, paint, etc.) and with the show being only moderately successful I was left with the choice of keeping the power hooked up and the phone connected or replenish the shop.  As a result since the end of April I have only created four small commissioned pieces of which only one has been paid for thus far.  So it appears the studio will stay on shut down for a little longer.


The good news is I do have a weekend show the beginning of August in Manitou assuming I can put enough money together to plate the van and renew my drivers licence so I can get there.  The other good news is during this break from the studio I have had an opportunity to do some stuff around the yard including getting a washing machine working by stealing parts from three other machines and few unrelated bits and pieces.  I managed to get almost all my laundry caught up.002

I got some salvaged steps fitted on to the back of my storage trailer.



I learned how to make stewed rhubarb and drain of the juice to use it to sweeten my home made iced tea.  I also managed to get some reading done and got a little bit done on the renovations.  The truth is I spent a lot of time questioning if I wanted, or was able to carry on with my art and my lifestyle as it is.  Over the last year my health has suffered from my diet, it appears that you cannot subsist well if you don’t keep at least a somewhat balanced diet.  I have also noticed that when my protein intake drops my incidents of depression increase in length and intensity.  So this is the area that is going to be addressed first and the rest will have to take its place in line.


At the end of the day, other than my children, my art is really all I have and am not sure that I am able to give that up.  So I guess I just bored you silly with another one of my circular conversations with myself.  I guess that is why it is called Ramblings of a Mad Artist.

Be good to each other and I promise the next blog will be a little more upbeat.  Ten more days until CPP cheque and I can get away from the white rice and canned veggie diet (and get some ketchup).


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