This That and the Other

With the nice weather we have been having I have chosen to try and get a few of the renovations done inside the house, a chore that I do not completely embrace.  I have the new stove installed and working in the living area, a feat which has taken several years. It started four years ago with the acquisition on a second hand airtight heater from a good friend in exchange for some art (it was more of a donation than an exchange, she just took the art to make me feel better I think).  It took several years to find a class A chimney that I could afford, again a donation from another friend, and then took most of the summer for me to dig up enough nerve to cut a hole in my roof to run it through.  I am not a carpenter but with a little free advice from my landlord and a bit of trial and error forward we went.  As I had none of the pieces that are required to run and secure the chimney I was forced to fabricate them which again took some time. Once the chimney was finally installed and I rounded up some help to move the stove into the house (all 800 lbs of it) I discovered that there was a piece missing that connected the stove to the chimney so back to fabricating.  Finally all was ready and on Dec. 1st we had fire.


With that completed I decided to continue on with adding one more room into use which will act as a bedroom and eventually be divided to contain an a shower and an indoor toilet.  This will bring my living space up to almost 250 sq. feet and means that I am no longer sleeping in the kitchen.  It will also allow for a little space so I can have a real table and maybe even a recliner to read and watch TV in.  I do have to admit I am almost a little sorry to see the passing of the small intimate space that I had but also excited to be able to have more than one other person in the room and having everyone needing to stand.   I need to insulate the second room by framing against the outside wall and adding insulation, a vapor barrier and dry wall.  Fortunately I had everything except 2x4s and a friend brought some 4 foot pieces which I was able to put together to make 8 foot studs and with a few 2x6s that I salvaged and cut down to 2x4s ended up with enough lumber.

This room is now almost complete except to finish up the drywall and build a bed but I do find that I need a bit of studio time. So I will do as much as I can today and then I think I will take a couple of days in the studio and come back to this after the weekend.  By the end of the day I should be able to seal off the living area (including the addition) to work in so that keeping it warm won’t be a big issue.

Unfortunately the addition of the stove has exasperated another problem which will have to be faced very soon.  The kitchen in this house is an addition and has always had a bit dip in the floor. The addition of the 800lb stove seems to have increased my dip a fair bit and calls for the addition of at least one more support post in the basement so as to be sure that I don’t inadvertently create a bi level. This will be addressed right after Christmas.

On another note, I would have liked to have more pictures to share but it appears that I am unable to transfer all of my pictures from my phone to my computer.  I believe that this is likely the fault of my old and well used computer maybe coming to the end of its existence.  It was given to me several years ago by some friends and has served me well but I fear it is time to go in search for its replacement.  I am hoping that I can find a used laptop or failing that another PC that some one would be interested in trading for art.  Not a rush yet but something to keep in mind.

I am planning to do at least one more blog before Christmas but if I don’t get to it I will wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Seasons Greetings, or which ever term that best suits where you are in your life.  Be good and remember that there are families out there that Christmas creates hardships for and maybe reach out to them.  There are few things harder than people suffering in this time of excess.



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