Checking In

I believe I will start this with some silent vulgarity inside my head and possibly kicking a door.  I have been fighting with a bad internet for the last month, the only internet that I have is from the data program on my phone and aside from being quite expensive it can be unreliable at the same time causing more than a little frustration. …………….   Ok, now that is out of the way on with todays story.

That little rant aside, as some of you know this blog was initially intended as a sort of journal of me as a subsistence artist surviving from may art and by minimizing, repurposing and reusing as much as possible in order to survive. It has several times veered of on other issues and because this issues are part of the whole picture it will likely continue its little wanderings into that gray mist. So onto the immediate needs of survival.


This is the result of a split water pipe in the basement beneath the heat tape.  This is the second time it has split this year, it happens when the town water system over pressures and and splits the 30 year old poly pipe in my basement.  Not a hard fix but because in order to do it I must warm the basement up and thaw out the entire area to do the repairs, that is now a problem.

Due to a number of variables this year including prematurely losing use of the trailer I had (borrowed) and being able to put together a deal on truck to haul with, too much cold with too little snow, and in general poor planning on my part I have reached a near crisis level of firewood.  I went out and did an inventory this morning and judging by the forecast over the next week that is about where the wood on hand stops if I am very careful.  I also have half a cord of wood cut late last fall  but not split yet which is still a little to green to burn but I will blend it in with dry stuff already here and should be able to gain anther 8 to 10 days.  There is a little scrap remaining that came in last fall and didn’t get cut up which may bring another day or so.  This may get me to the middle of March if my calculations are close; or not.  I have dug out my little brothers old snowmobile trailer and may be able to retrieve some scrap wood from the dealership in Perdue but that is a slow and costly way to get wood but works in a pinch.  It will be tight and probably means the studio will have to stay closed until it warms up which is not a good thing  but it is what it is.

There is also the last option of turning on the one electric baseboard heater the house which will maintain it above freezing if it doesn’t get to cold.  This would work best if I was to implement it sooner rather than later to carry the warmer days that it could handle with no fire.  The problem is that it is costly to run and I am already falling behind on the bills so hesitate to do this just now.  I also found some more sawdust which can be mixed with used engine oil and compacted into fire logs, a lot of labor and a bit of an odor but good heat.

At the end of the day it is going to be a bit of a rough stretch to make it to spring, mostly brought on by poor planning and a couple of bad brakes, but I believe I am still well within the bounds and will get past it.  It will be tight and I will get started splitting the green logs today and next week when I have gas money again I will run into Perdue and check for scrap lumber.  It is all part of the life I chosen and I will get to the other end unscathed.  At this point there is no need for all my friends to start filling the trunks of their cars up and rushing me firewood (if it comes to that I will let you know).  It may be hard to believe but I am actually in better shape than last year and maybe nest year I will get it right.

I am going to make an effort to get this blog to a weekly thing or so, that way if you like you can see me either win the battle or I will set up a FB live feed while I freeze to death. And ever since I touched of the FB note I am happy with the much lessened contact with it and a great deal less angry, although I do sneak on for a few moments every day or so to check on my friends.  Just so all are aware, other than for a funeral on Saturday, I will be unable to come into the city probably until the end or march.

Love to you all and thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.  Writing this helps me to stay focused.


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